Bernard's sprite.
Some attributes
First Saint Bernard
Second Deceased
Third Is currently living in Doggy Heaven
Other attributes
Bernard is a male Saint Bernard dog. He has a crush on Crest.


Bernard will sit outside Starpugs after you fix the frisbee machine. Since you can't trigger the major events at Starpugs without buying something, Bernard will offer you dog treats if you stalk Crest and take pictures of her. Shibe will try to object, but Pom interrupts him and says "yes" anyway. You'll get dog treats either way, but you have to fight someone either way as well. If you take pictures of Crest, you have to fight Puddle. If you don't, you have to fight Bernard.


  • Sometimes people hate Bernard in Pom Gets Wi-Fi memes due to him being creepy-looking.
  • Bernard's death form is unknown.