Dog is the "God" of Doggy Heaven and the final boss of the game. He is in control of keeping Doggy Heaven from clashing with the living world. He is also called Kami-Sama by Malty.

Near the end of the game, Pom meets Dog after having got unauthorized access to the Dog's gate. After the brief conversation with Dog, Pom must fight Dog. After fighting Dog, Pom becomes the new God of Doggy Heaven. When Dog attacks, a reference of the game EarthBound (the message You cannot grasp the true form of Dog!) is where the part of Ness and co. are fighting a fetus.

Trivia Edit


  • Dog is God backwards.
  • The message "You cannot grasp the true form of Dog!", is an Earthbound reference, as said earlier.
  • Dog appears to be the Funyarinpa in painting on the first floor of the house that seems to belong to Sharpeii and York.