Goldie is a supposedly female Golden Retriever who was waiting in the line to the park before Chi fixed the frisbee machine.


Interactions Edit

After you stack the Barron's SAT books on the rock thing, Pom will walk around asking other dogs for things to stack on it. If you talk to Goldie, she'll tell you that Papi owes her a few dog treats, and that if you can fetch them for her, you can have her potted cactus. Once Pom talks to Papi, Papi will say that she already ate them (somewhere along the lines of "Oh...about that....I already ate them."). Papi will give Pom her Famicom as an apology. Pom will then take the Famicon to Goldie and beg for the cactus. Goldie says she saw that Pom and Shibe were looking for stuff to stack on the rock thing. She then points out that the bottom of a Famicon is way better for stacking then a cactus, and they should probably use that instead. Goldie claims that the whole little affair was a test, and they "passed with flying colors." She also points out that "knowing Papi, it would be strange if you actually did come back with dog treats." Goldie then hands Pom back the Famicom, and while they would have ended up with the Famicom either way, this way counts as earning her trust, and "that counts for something, right?" Shibe thanks her, and then you can stack the Famicom on the rock thing.

Trivia Edit

  • Goldie must have been pretty good friends with Papi to know so much about her and her dog treat addiction.
  • She also probably knew what a Famicom was, which could mean she had something to do with one sometime.