Hus's sprite.
Some attributes
First Husky
Second Deceased
Third Seems to be working at the frisbee park
Other attributes

Hus is a male Husky who first appears in the park. He; despite being a scary-looking Husky, is actually nice and is introduced in the park after Shibe and Pom are knocked out by a fast flying frisbee. Hus explains that he was sent by Sherman to retrieve the duo after skipping the line and breaking into the park suddenly. He is also 'attracted' to Shibe as said by Pom.


After Shibe and Pom get knocked out by a frisbee in the park, they are woken up by Hus. He tells them that Sherman, the German Shepherd guard dog at the beginning of the line sent him when they jumped over the fence. Shibe and Pom tell him they are there to fix the frisbee machine. He tells them that they will need to get to the control panel to fix it, and though he is too big to fit through the gap and reach it, Pom might be able to. When they find out Pom is also too big and go back to find Chi, who is even smaller than Pom, Chi says they don't want to leave their place in line. Hus offers to hold it for them while they go with Pom and Shibe.


  • Hus has been showing affection and a liking to Shibe. Numerous times, Pom taunts Hus and Shibe about being homosexual. Hus possibly expresses his liking sometimes to Shibe who often replies back to him like so.
  • The cause of his death is unknown.
  • If you decide to go to the Observatory while Hus is in your party, he will stop you and ask where are you going while Shibe will reply and tell them about his and Pom's owner. Hus will then say that he's jealous, hinting that he doesn't actually have an owner.
  • If you talk to Hus after he leaves your party and Chi joins, He'll ask you if you missed him, which makes Shibe blush.
  • In Pom's battle against Hus an shibe, the latter can put "puppy eyes" and Hus will tell him to stop that because it distracts him.
  • Hus ignores completely some of Pom's taunts about him and Shibe.